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10 Must Tips To Get Banner Advertises For Your Blog Easily

Before jumping in to the pool of banner advertisement tips, take note that you should look for banner advertisers only if you have huge number of unique visitors as well as page views. And if you don’t have much of visitors, just focus on writing quality content & get some targeted traffic from web.
Lets just start of with some of the finest tips for gaining the good number of banner advertisers for your blog, forum or website. I have been in to blogging form 4 years & now a full time pro blogger. I have been sharing about different kind of niches & experimented well with my blogging. No doubt I made mistakes in the beginning for judging what advertisers want & what I have. But I have taken over with it by experience & writing following tips to  help you to become a good seller of banner advertisement.
1. You must have “Advertise  Page” : Many webmasters & bloggers make this mistake that they overlook the power of the Advertise Page & think that blog is not yet powerful to attract advertisers. Believe it or not – you make your separate advertisement page on very first day of your blog. Even if you don’t have solid amount traffic or PR, You don’t know where advertiser came form & what he wants. Mark it as Must on your list ! Keep details of your advertisment options & contact details so advertiser can reach you directly.
2. Place Advertise Here Banner : Now this is supporting feature you muct have on your blog & you should place advertise here banner all over your blog – like on Home page, Single Page & Archives etc.
This actually clearly gives visual idea to advertiser that where his advertise will be displayed. And can attract 70% more advertiser. Don’t be afraid if your ad slots remain empty for many days & keep it without hesitating.
3. Sign up for Advertising Programs: Now, to let advertisers know that your blog is available for ad sales, you should participate in third party Advertiser-Publisher networks like - BuySellAds.comIf you have good traffic decent PR & Alexa ranking, this site can bring some serious flow of constant advertisers. They allow advertisers to find targeted traffic from their easy to use interface. There are many other networks like BSA but no other works as well as them.
4. Be selective about Banner Placements : Imagine if any advertiser comes to your site & see 10-15 different banners already placed or available slots for it ??? Answer is clear – He will reject the blog because of its low professional placessment & will understand this is made Only for ads site.
So choose your ad spots cleverly & Blend it well within the content & Sidebar.
5. Offer Premium Placements : You’ll see 100′s of blogs tat sell 125x125px & some 300x250px banners. But if you are getting good number of these ads – give some premium placements to advertiser.
Premium stands for – Out of the box placement. Like in header or below navigation some big banner ad 720×90 looks really good & well blended in content.  Not just these experimenting with some 300×125 or 25×25 small pixel ads also attracts some advertiser if you have really high traffic.
Just be creative in what you have to offer for advertiser.
6. Understand the needs of Advertisers : Well, this is actually first step that you must have a perfect understanding about what kind of advertiser you are looking for. And according to it you have to make space on your blog/site. You should also look for that advertiser get as much as impression & profit for their placements & you are not making them fool by any ways.
7. Estimate the Cost according to your popularity: This is biggest mistake people make actually – they just throw some rough price range at advertiser if they contact blogger. It doesn’t work like that. You should exactly know why are you asking for this much cost ?
Always calculate cost based on -> your blog’s popularity+ Advertisement size+ Placement of banner+ Visibility of banner.
What I generally do it compare it with my Adsense earning for that placement & keep banner ad cost little higher that that. But this is just a rough measure, because Adsense have CPC & CPM based ads whereas we have flat rate ads.
8. Maintain Relationship with old Advertisers: If you already have some advertisers, make some chart of their contact details & ads. Contact them before renewal of any ad, ask them if they have any more relative ads, make them offers on special occasional - like on blog’s birthday or New Year.
Maintaining relationship with your past advertiser is always profitable & you don’t have to look for new ones for long time – if u have maintained it properly. BTW This is best tip I have learned form my experience & I do it constantly.
9. Participate in Popular Blogger & Tech forums: Be a regular member at forums like Digital PointBloggeries etc., as they are heavily populated with good bloggers, advertisers & audience. You can get good advertisers & long term deals here. Also opportunities of Joint Venture with other bloggers.
10. Be Creative, Be Different & Be Professional : Well actually these are all must requirement for any successful businessmen, marketer & seller. Experimenting new concepts, playing with banner sizes, offering good & long term deals will always give you chance to grab number of advertisers.
“And more advertisers means - more money & more success.”
Hope you will love these tips & enjoy success with your blog advertisement - But do let us know if you have something more valuable to share or have some doubt by commenting below.

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