Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Can Earn Money Just by Blogging

One of the simplest ways to make money online is to create a blog. However, creating a blog is far easy than that as it is completely free to do so. So many blogs are out there and can help you if you want to start your own blog. You can take help from either the patterns or posts that attract readers. Creating a blog is very easy and if you want one, just go through the following steps.
1. First, find a free blogging platform. However, you can buy a domain name if you like and have good financial backbone. Otherwise, you can sign up with a site like LiveJournal or Blogger and get a free blog that is customizable and easy to use.
2. Come up with such a topic that you like to write or talk. Start with a post or two to introduce yourself with your readers and clearly state your purpose behind starting Blogging. However, never mention that you are writing for money. If you update your blog frequently, you will get good visitors, which is an essential condition for a blog-owner to make money.
3. Once you have started blogging, sign up to host Google Adsene ads on your blog. If you have your own domain, you will keep all of the profits from Google Adsense ads that you run on the site. However, this is not the only way. There are other ways too to earn money through your blog.
4. Think about running contextual ads on your blog to make money. Though I find them annoying for the readers, it is a very good medium to get cash. Companies like Kontera are free to join and it easier to make money blogging with those ads in place.
5. Contact those companies that are looking for blogs to advertise their products. Fortunately, there are numerous. Websites like TextLinkAds pays bloggers to run small blog ads on their blogs and send checks after each month.
6. You may consider sponsored posts. However, always disclose that they are sponsored. You may find many sites that attract bloggers with free products and services in exchange for a post on this blog. You have to disclose if you accept sponsored posts. However, for Google Adsense ads, you need not provide a disclosure, as they are easily visible.

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