Monday, October 17, 2011

How to Backup your Twitter, Google Accounts Online

In a world of BACKUP, have you ever felt the requirement of backing up your Gmail, flicker, Google docs, word press, hotmail, twitter, photo bucket, friend feed and many more accounts? It may sound bit unusual but sometimes it may happen that your email may get hacked or all data might get deleted by mistake, there might be endless reasons for losing your data, so why not take a back up regularly so that at least your precious data stays secured forever. If you are thinking that who will back it all of the above mentioned things individually, then not to worry, you can back up data from all of the above mentioned with the help of just one application called “backupify” as name itself suggests that backup simplified
What Backupify provides is daily automatic backups, archiving, and export for all your social media and SaaS data. You also may ask how secure is backupify? Backupify has chosen Amazon’s data center as its security features are ranked among the top and also the systems of backupify are designed by top security experts. Currently the data backup is stored in the form of XML which is not readable to human eyes though which is quite secure and also a new data formats which will more look like an original service.
Now, comes the question, HOW YOU CAN AVAIL THIS BACKUP SERVICE?As an example I will show you , how I have backed up my twitter account!
1.Firstly, you need to register here along with details like name, email and preferred passwordhere.
create a backupify account
2. After registering, you will be redirected to a dashboard, wherein you can select from a list services which you need to back up. Now, if you want to back up all your tweets, direct messages and also your mentions then you have to click on “manage” option which is located just next to “twitter” icon.
adding of a twitter account3.  As soon as you click on “manage” option, you can see that on right side of the screen, it will ask you for “twitter authentication”. Now click on that, you will have to enter your usename and password of your twitter account like i did as shown below, don’t worry your account will be secured.
twitter authentification4. As soon as you enter correct set of username and password, a new window will be opening up which will show that your twitter account has been successfully backed up as shown below:
twitter account added5.  Once you are done with adding your twitter account, it will take 48 hours to back up your account information initially and then it will be on a real time manner. With backupify, you can also check the history of your account as shown below
history of twitter account
There you go, now we have successfully learnt on how to back up twitter account, likewise you can do that for Gmail, Google docs, flickr, picassa etc.

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