Friday, October 21, 2011 : Make You Own Website For Free

Its always a dream to create your own website to show off friends, colleague, etc or to run your own blog or say forum but most of us struck where we do not have any technical knowledge about coding and hosting. is the best place for those who wants to create their own website. Ucoz offers many great features like free website maker which works like what you see is what you do.

Usually building website involves many things like web design, coding, web hosting, photoshop, etc. But with Ucoz you need not to get involved in that complicated coding work as they offers tons of already settled professional layout design.

You can create free website by just creating a free Ucoz account. Registration is very simple which takes just a fraction of moments.

Features of Ucoz - Free Website Builder

Well frankly speaking Ucoz is loaded with tons of features but I picked out some main features and advantages which are listed below :
  • Unlimited disk space as well as bandwitch
  • More than 250 professional default templates available
  • Latest and revised CMS
  • Easy Data backup and restoration 
  • User friendly way to use the system
  • And much more..
These above mentioned features and advantages are just a glance, important facilities provided are :

FTP Access :

Their are many services which offers free website hosting but most of them do not provide FTP access. It allows you to get full control over your website and it makes your task easy like you can quickly upload or delete files. FTP is indeed the most important feature in many sense of view

Host Top-Level Domain :

Ucoz allows you to choose either subdomain which is freely provided by them or to host your own top-level domain i.e dot com domain. You can directly purchase top-level domain or its better if you already own.

Thousands of Widgets and Gadgets :

Widgets are must as it adds extra attraction to your website. Ucoz provides thousands of widgets according to your sidebar content, it your choice weather to put it at sidebar or at bottom. Gadgets also makes your site more attractive.

Earn Money via Affiliate Program :

Although they provides free services, they give us chance to make money from their affiliate program. You just need to bring your new people to Ucoz and per unique registration you will get $0.50 which is not a bad deal! 

So friends, I hope you enjoyed this article on Ucoz and if you have problem or want to share your own views then please do comment.

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