Monday, October 17, 2011

iPhone 4S is Louder than iPhone 4

When it comes to speaker volumes and how loud your mobile device is, the iPhone 4literally sucked. As an iPhone user I can guarantee you, that unless you have yourearphones with youlistening to music in the open is pointless. Also the speaker phone, is just as bad out in the open, unless you’re in a peaceful and quiet place. The volume is even worse with earlier versions of the iPhone or iPod Touch and the iPad too. Apple always insists that it’s best to use earphones, well, no wonder.
iphone44s 550x389 iPhone 4S is Louder than iPhone 4
However, recent developments, with the inclusion of the new iPhone 4S, have led us to believe that Apple could have improved the volume in the new iPhone and added a louder speaker. There have been numerous reports on the internet stating that the iPhone 4S does sound a lot louder than the iPhone 4, but we are not sure if it’s just new software or new hardware. If I’m not hallucinating, it sounds like my iPhone 4 has become louder since the iOS 5 upgrade. But, then again, I haven’t used an iPhone 4S yet.
Our friends over at iDownloadBlog conducted a very scientific test, approved by Apple(not really) and found out that all the reports and assumptions are indeed true. According to them, there is a significant boost to the speaker volume in the iPhone 4S, about 6 decibels more. You should check out the video below to see for yourself;
One of the main reasons, for Apple to boost the volume could be Siri. Yes, since you need to hear what the personal assistant has to say, if you’re in the public, you would obviously need better volume output. If you were looking for another reason to upgrade to the iPhone 4S, here’s one more on that list.
What do you think? Better speaker and volume matter or not? 

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