Saturday, October 15, 2011

50 GB of Cloud Storage for Anyone with an iOS device – Box.Net

The new Apple iPhone 4S is all about the iCloud, storage in the cloud. And that’s what all the future devices are going to go for, because it’s safer, there’s less chances of your data being stolen and it’ll probably last forever. You don’t have to worry about your storage device fail. Yes, cloud storage is the new future and everybody has been at it.
We’ve already seen how soon DropBox got the fame it needed, then there’s Google’s cloud based Chromebooks, Microsoft’s Skydrive, Apple’s iCloud and now there’s Box.Net. If you’re an iOS user and have recently upgraded to iOS 5, then you can take advantage of iCloud. It’s true that you only get 5 GB of free cloud space, but i suppose that should be enough for a few hundred songs or photos. But, what if you want to store thousands of photos and HD videos on the cloud, that’s going to need a lot more space. Sure you can buy more storage from iCloud, but what if I told you that you can get 50 GB of storage for nothing.
iphone 50gbfree 550x169 50 GB of Cloud Storage for Anyone with an iOS device   Box.Net
Yup, that’s right. If you’ve heard of Dropbox, then you must’ve heard of Box.Net. Both are similar kinds of services that provide online storage space for your needs. Recently, Box.Net made it clear on their blog that anyone who possess an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, is eligible for 50 GB of  Cloud storage. For free. They’ve also increased the maximum upload limit of a file from 25MB to 100MB.
To get access to 50 GB of storage, all you need to do is, head over to the App Store anddownload the latest app for your iOS device. Once the app is installed, Sign up for a new account and you should be presented with this once in a lifetime offer.
box net 50 gb free 333x500 50 GB of Cloud Storage for Anyone with an iOS device   Box.Net
This offer is valid for 50 days from the start date, which was October 12. So don’t you worry, you’ve got plenty of time. That’s 47 days left. So, go on and download the app right away. Sorry Android, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian users, you’ll have to stick with your memory cards for now.

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