Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Double Your AdSense Earning in a Month

Today there are millions of website using Google AdSense for their major earning source. Google AdSense is biggest player in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement network.
To earn with Google AdSense you have to put AdSense ad code on your website and AdSense will show relevant ad Ads on your Website and whenever any visitor clicks on that ad you earn money. Pay per click ad can make you earn from $0.01 to as much as $ 10 + per ad click. Earnings per click depend upon many different reasons like how popular or competitive that keyword is and in which country that ad is shown.
Many website or blogger owners are not satisfied with their AdSense earnings. Many website get many ad clicks but there earning per click is very low or many of website gets very few click. There can be different reasons why you are earning low. May be your website niche is not competitive and have fewer advertisers. If your website niche has less advertisers and because of this reason you can’t change niche of your website. It is better to try to increase AdSense ads earning buy changing AdSense settings not the entire website niche.
Today I am going to list 4 simple steps which can double your AdSense earnings. Your earning is not going to increase in a day. These 4 steps can take 4 weeks to increase or even double your AdSense earnings. Every week you have to note performance of your earning. After forth week you will stick with your most successful setting which can increase your future earnings.
Before starting few things you must know few things which are:
1. You can place up to 3 AdSense Ad units on a webpage.
2. Google love fast websites.
3. Google love contents so write regularly on your blog.
4. Don’t spam. Don’t copy paste others blogs post.
5. Try to increase your website traffic without visitors you can’t increase you’re earning.
1st Week
Before you start changing anything you must note down few thing like how many AdSense ad units you are using right now. On which place of your site you have put the ads and what colors you are using for your AdSense ads.
Now you are ready with your past setting now it’s time for changes. As you know Google AdSense allow you to put up to 3 AdSense ad units on a page and big ad units like 728×90, 360×280, 160×600 attracts visitors and these size of ad units get most clicks. As you know which size ad units you are using on first week you have to put big size ad units on your website.
On first week I will suggest you to put 3 ad units on your web page because this will give you the idea of best ad place for your ads. Normally I don’t suggest to put 3 ad units on a page because this will reduce your per click earning. Before rushing to change your ad units you have to look your website design and note on which place where you can put these ad units. As big ad units get most of the clicks I will suggest you to use big ad unites like 728×90, 360×280, 160×600 etc. and important part ad place matters, putting ads on bottom of the page will not get much clicks so choosing right place is important.
Finding the right place for Google AdSense ad on your web page can be little tricky job. If you are a blogger then some of good ad place can be just after the post title and above content, sidebar and the bottom of the content. Right ad place depends on site to site every website have different template style and look so you have to self figure out right place.
If you are ready you can put new ad code on your website. It will be much better if you can use different colors for your different ad units. Default ad color is blue and many of visitors easily recognize this as ad and don’t click on the ads. You should try matching ad colors with your website color combination. Don’t forget to note down the first week changes you have made on your website like how many ad units, ad size and ad color.
Note: Google AdSense give you the option of give channel name for every ad you create it is advice to create channels which will help you to monitor your ad performance.
After 1st week note down few thing like your total earnings of the week, which ad unit have got most click, which ad color have got most clicks, which ad unit have got high earnings per click.
2nd Week
At starting of 2nd week you have data about different ad units. You have to figure out the worse performing ad unit, bad performing ad size or place.
This week change all ad unit color with best performing ad color of 1st week. Replace the worse performing ad unit with much smaller ad unit like 468×60, 250×250 etc ad size.
Third ad unit is now smaller then 1st weeks ad unit this will display less ad compare to big ad unit this can bring high paid ads first and can increase ad unit earning.
3rd Week
At the beginning of 3rd week you have again new data. Note down worse performing ad unit.
This week remove the worse performing ad unit from your web page. Now you are left with 2 ad units which can display high paying ads. Less ad units can give high per click earning but less ad units can give you less clicks which can result as less earning.
In these 4 steps you will find what is best for your website less ad units or many ad units and which ad color give best result.
4th Week
Now again you have new data of third week. Find out the low performing ad of week 3 and remove that ad unit from your web page. Now you are left with only one ad unit. I will suggest place that ad unit above the fold (Ad should be shown as website is open without scrolling down the page).
Only one ad unit can show high paying or high click getting ads which can increase you’re earning a lot. Only one ad unit can decrease some website earning as they will get few click. More than one ad units can get more clicks and can increase earnings for some websites.
This can be last week for your research of increasing your AdSense earning. At the end of 4th week you have to compare all 4 week earnings and find which week earning was highest.
If any week earning is lot more than other 3 weeks then that week AdSense ad settings are the best for your website or blog and you can change your AdSense ad setting to best match settings.
This step have increased my earning a lot and on some of my blog I am using single ad unit and on some 2 or more ad units.
Hoping you’re earning will improve by following this steps. You can try some more setting to test for your website.

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