Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to Extract Text from any Image Online

It may happen many times that you come across such images that contains awesome/useful  Quotes/content and you may need them in the form of text but you are unable to type them or write them as they  might be too lengthy. In such a case, there is a free online tool which comes to rescue and will help you to do this job for you easily.

Free OCR is an online tool which will help you to extract the text from any image easily. It will do this work in a few moments and free of cost.
The process is pretty simple:-

(1) You need to go to the site

(2) Upload your text image.
(3) Enter the captcha.
(4) Click on Send File.
(5) Wait for few moments.
(6) Yipee!! The text from the image is in front of you!!
(7) Now You can copy and use your desired text!!

Now enjoy using this Free OCR online tool to extract text from any image!!!

SO, I hope my article was useful to you!!!
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