Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5 Profitable Ways Bloggers Can Attract More Direct Advertisers

It is a sure fact that in the initial years if blogging career, there is limitation on how much you’re going to earn from PPC services like Adsense.  So if you have decent amount of traffic and good page rank for your blog you can earn close to a Pro blogger in very short time.
Note: Consider this article only if your blog have at least Google PR 2 & unique visitors more than 10,000/month
There has been a significant need for direct advertisement for whatsoever reasons for both webmasters as well as bloggers. I have figured out some of the profitable ways you can start making more than 300% of the money you can earn from Adsense. So I thought these tips will be helpful for you.
1. Making available some “Premium Placements” for advertisers
Placements matter more on banner advertisements compared to text link ads as they are more profitable per impressions. Offering some of the best & premium placements for advertiser can surely get you more revenue.
Some of the well known advertising placements are on top left corner & In the Header of the blog. Above the fold advertising is always appreciated by advertisers across the web.
2. Availing the variety of advertise types to advertisers (With Screenshots)
Support for Flash /Rich media text ads compared to simple image banner ads will always gives you added advantage for getting more revenue compared to normal CPM based ads offered by Adsense. You can offer it in various sizes like 125×125 px, 300×250 px, 728×90 px, 160×600 px & much more depending on your blog design.
Also avail them screen shots of ad placements which makes it more convenient to them for selecting your ad spots.
3. Providing Exclusive & Long term deals for advertisers
Keep ready a copy of advertising invoice including your cost per month/year for banner & text link ads. So if some advertiser hit your mail box expressing his interest in advertising – First thing you do is reply with this pre made advertising cost invoice. You should also update its costing based on your statistics. Some bloggers also prefer to keep their complete analytics statistics at ‘Advertise Page’ of their blog.
4. Making “The Perfect blend” of Text Link & Banner Advertisement
You should avoid keeping too much advertises on your blog, as it can bulks your blog, make it look ugly & will be less profitable for advertisers. So I suggest you prepare a better plan which blends in your site design perfectly. And if you think your theme is not such advertise friendly simply change it.
Text link ads also should be also limited & relevant. Do now flood your blogroll with tons of text links, it can harm your page rank. Do some research on in bound & out bound links before you start stuffing site with direct text link ads.
5.  Using Natural Sense in Advertising:
Do no approve every advertisers comes in your contact.  Go through his offer, see what he is advertising on your site, check if you are already displaying any such advertise. Try to avoid placing similar ads – as it will divide the befit of both advertisers.
As a blogger you have to do lot of things like content production, research, search analysis, statistical work & financial stuff on your own. But take a note that Advertising should be your one of top priorities – as it generates revenue for your blog.
You can generate from $500 to $ 10,000 in your primary years of blogging based on your traffic & innovative advertising work. You get to all this stuff with more years of experience, but I though I should share my direct experience so you don’t loose even a penny of what your blog worth.
Ask me if you need any help regarding any typical issues you faced with advertising or marketing here in comments.

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