Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Every Good Blogger Should Try Affiliate Marketing

Well, first of let me declare that we are discussing good bloggers here – who are getting decent amount of traffic and “pocket full of monthly revenues from PPC advertisers & Direct advertisers.
So all newbie’s – just stay away from this stuff for several more months . So let me start with some great stuff that I have came across after experimenting three years of my blogging career.

Affiliate Marketing

Selling products is like having nice business where people invest in marketing & earn huge money for selling their stuff. In online Affiliate Marketing we have to sell other peoples digital products like Ebooks, Software, Services & sometimes some physical goods also (Like DVDs)

What’s the Catch ?

The best thing every blogger have as resource is its huge readers. As blogs gets updated frequently it gets listed higher in searches. High volumes of pages from blog, which have rich content – always help them in search traffic.

Building Email List For Free

Many of bloggers also have thousands of readers subscribed by email, so that content delivery is ensured to each of them. Generally affiliate marketers spend thousands of bucks to promote their product on websites & search results. Their list building is methodologies are well & proven but blogger don’t have to waste any of his extra time building such list.
Just you can put a form for including Email & Name at top right corner of your blog & you can get it from premium email building services like or Free Alternatives like
This list keeps on building on itself & you don’t have to spend anything for it.

How to Sell ?

1. Placing Links: The very first way is including product links in your  blog post that are most relevant to the product. Beginners, take note that you don’t  have to place link in every article you have – you just place links in relevant articles. Also you can put link at the end of some post & encourage reader to buy the stuff.
2. Selling to List: If you are sending 12 mails to your email subscribers every month. One or two months can be promotional – where you can insist interested audience to buy the product you have.
You can also add small text link with description just like advertise in every mail you send out.  List of bloggers is not 100% targeted to specific product, because we write about many topics but yes it is still with 60% of interested buyers.
Suppose you send mail to your 10,000 email readers. Considering 1% CTR if 100 people buy the product you have which costs $35 – It will earn you
35 x 100 = $ 3500
So you can make a lot through 2 promotional emails of your blog readers. It can also increase depending on price of product.
3.  Banner Ads on blog:
You can also replace some of your Adsense ads with affiliate banner ads, which can also get you much of revenue. If you don’t want waste much of place you can put small 125×125 ads in pack of four. It displays for different product & can get you revenue from alternate products.
Where to get these high paying awesome products ? has been considered as a heaven to affiliate marketers since long time but there are also some new marketplaces to go for. As a beginner I suggest you ClickBank because it’s simple to understand & have wide variety of products.

Key to the Maximum Revenue

Experimenting with different types of promotion, different placements, variety of promotional mails, attractive product description is your key to maximum revenue.
Trying alternative methods would earn you to its fullest potential & almost 3 to 4 times compared to blogging. Its an added source of revenue to your blogs income. It is not going to take much of your blog space or not reducing your readership.
It will always give you more & help you to become an actual Pro blogger.

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