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Top 5 Advanced Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers

Do you want to improve your SEO ranking?
Effective Search engine optimization can help you drive free traffic, enhance your web presence and build an internet empire. If you’re like most bloggers, you’ve been looking for ways to improve your PageRank, without raising a red flag on Google.
I’m here to reveal the 5 advanced search engine optimization tips. If you abide by the terms here, you’ll definitely increase the number of visitors to your site, and grow your online business. These tips are arranged in order, in which they should appear. Read, enjoy and implement.
1. Know Your Niche Well
Do you know the exact people you’re targeting?
That’s a very big question and if you can answer that, then your journey to search engine success has begun. You can’t possibly rank effectively, in a strange market. You should always study your market, relate with human beings, and determine what exactly makes them unique.
The way you know your prospects, is by their questions and comments. People are not far from their words. That is why participating in online discussion boards, related to your niche is a vital thing to do. As we share my tips in the subsequent paragraphs, bear in mind that understanding of your niche is crucial.
It’s going to make or break your success as you create your products.
2. Who Are Your Competitors
You can easily improve your Google pagerank, by knowing several core things about SEO. Once you’ve known your exact prospects, their needs and solution desired, you should move up to who your competitors are.
There are several people competing against you online. Your role is to locate these people and outrank them. How?
Find out the keywords and phrases they are ranking for. When someone is ahead of you in Google top 10, you can dig into their site using any of the Keyword research tools.
This way, you will not research amiss, but with a focused and clear mind. So, find out 10 competitors and study them – you’ll surely discover amazing cool tips to improve your ranking.
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3. Target Commercial Keywords
There are two types of keywords. The first is informational keywords. These keywords are usually searched by beginners to the internet. In every niche, there are newbie marketers who are tight on budget. It’s obvious they haven’t made any money online, so they go searching for commercial keywords.
Several keywords that starts with “how to,” and “ways to” are informational keywords. Those who are behind these keywords are looking for free information. If you want to sell your products, you don’t need to target such terms. Rather, research terms that have “commercial intent.”
An example of these keywords have prefixes and suffixes like review, comparison, quick, fast, cure, instant, buy etc.
Most importantly, commercial keywords have product names attached to them. A further example on keywords with product names can be found on my coupon site, that features sittercity coupon and discounts.
4. Write Quality Keyword-Rich Article
Targeted traffic is the by-product of quality content.
Basic SEO still regards keyword-rich content. There is no better way to incorporate juicy terms into your content, than starting with it. Your title should contain the key term you’re targeting.
What you should avoid is keyword stuffing. It’s not going to get you any success – If it’s not relevant to your chosen title, don’t include it.
When you write your articles, make sure it’s free of spun/duplicate content. Invest some time into writing quality content. Search engine spider isn’t looking for articles with stuffed phrases, rather they are looking for well formatted content.
If you can provide this type of content, then ranking highly on Google is as simple as your next meal. Avoid writing articles that has just 300 – 400 words.
There is no way you can explain a topic completely, except you want crap contents. Increase your word count to 600 and above, it makes a lot of sense to Google and your ranking would soar.
5. Build Relevant Link Wheel
This is the most powerful link building channels ever created. Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers are not building it. A link wheel brings together your on-page SEO and external ranking criteria into a single unit. What happens is that you first create top notch content, then you grab the RSS feed and syndicate it across RSS aggregator sites.
After that, you utilize the services of web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Tumblr. They allows you to build free web page and get backlinks. Each web page you build should link to another web page, and finally redirect every backlink to your main blog. This acts like a chain reaction and strengthens your backlink weight.
That’s all, the top 5 advanced search engine optimization tips for bloggers. I’m done with explaining, your role is to take action. If only you can practice these systems, you’ll reap the great rewards that search engine gives. Will you?

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