Monday, October 17, 2011

IndiaPlaza is Selling the Amazon Kindle Fire and Touch in India

Last month, Amazon launched their very first tablet, the Kindle Fire, which can pretty much do everything a tablet can. It was said that this tablet will take on all the othertablets, including the Apple iPad, and rule them all. That did not turn out to be true, but then again, it’s hardly been a month since it’s launch and it’s not even available everywhere.
Kindle also launched two other products on the same day, the Kindle Touch and the revamped Kindle Reader. The most important factor that could give these tablets a winning streak is their price. However, if you were planning to get yourself a cheap and good tablet that runs on Android, then this is the right choice for you. Why do tablets sell? Well, there are lots of things that matter, like the brand, quality, features, price etc. If you were wondering how to buy the Kindle Fire or Kindle Touch in India, then you can get one from IndiaPlaza, who is currently selling both the products.
Kindle Fire India 550x234 IndiaPlaza is Selling the Amazon Kindle Fire and Touch in India
Remember, there is going to be a price difference here in India. Whereas the Kindle Fire sells for $199 in the United States, in India it’s going to cost about $300. Yes, about $100 more than the original price. But, anyways, that’s still cheaper than most branded tablets such as the iPad, Galaxy TabMotorola Xoom and others. Kindle Touch 3G and Touch WiFi can also be bought from here and they cost about Rs. 7500 and Rs. 13,500 respectively. You can also check out the Aakash Indian Tablet, which costs just about $50.
Kindle Touch WiFi 550x239 IndiaPlaza is Selling the Amazon Kindle Fire and Touch in India
Since these products have to be shipped from the U.S, the normal delivery time is about 15 days. It could take more time or you could even get it earlier.

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