Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New to Blogging? Here Are 10 Tips to Get Started

While these blogging tips are primarily for beginners, it never hurts to revisit as an experienced blogger or webmaster. Sometimes it helps to go back to basics and start fresh in your blogging strategy.
Whether you are a newbie or an advanced blogger, you can use these blogging tips to streamline your blogging strategy and better reach out to blog visitors.
Perhaps the greatest benefit of blogging is that it will give you a voice. You can blog for purely personal reasons, or you can blog to become an expert on a topic and monetize your blog through advertisements. On top of that, many businesses choose to blog as an effective marketing strategy that will give their customers valuable content to attract them to their website.
10 Blogging Strategies for Beginners
  1. Write on a subject that you are passionate about. If you don’t care or know much about what you are writing about, your readers won’t care either.
  2. Make all of your blog post versatile and unique. This doesn’t mean that you can’t write a series or link from one blog to another, but try to provide as much diverse, fresh content as possible to keep readers interested.
  3. Blog on a regular basis. The best rule of thumb is to blog a minimum of 2 to 3 times per week or more, if possible.
  4. Schedule your blogs in advance. Instead of sitting down at your computer five days a week to write a blog, why not write five post at one time and schedule them in advance? This is a time saving strategy that makes sense.
  5. Make sure that your content is valuable. If readers do not find your content valuable, then they will not read it and pass it along to their friends, plain and simple.
  6. Write blog content that caters to your target audience. If you have no idea who your audience is, then you shouldn’t be blogging yet. Take time to research your target demographic and find out exactly what they are interested in via social media and forums before posting a blog.
  7. Make your blog a resource of information. Instead of writing posts that are just for fun, write some posts that are legitimate resources of information with research to back up your content.
  8. Ask for reader comments. If you can get readers involved by commenting on your blog, it will create a sense of community that other visitors will be attracted to.
  9. Market your blog on social networks. Even if you’re blogging for personal reasons, it helps to link to your blog on Facebook and Twitter. This will increase exposure and attract new readers at the same time.
  10. Don’t publish spam comments. As a blogger, you are going to get quite a few spam comments. Be selective in the comments that you publish because spam comments will take away from the quality of your blog.

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